How IV Therapy Can Help Build a Better Immune System

Vitamin infusions and hydrating IV therapy have been growing trends in the field of health and wellness, but did you know that IV therapy can also help to build a better immune system? WeHo Wellness Mobile Infusions is proud to bring our hydrating, vitamin-infused IV therapy straight to you — and it comes with some great additional health benefits for your immune system!

IV Therapy Resupplies Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Did you know that you only absorb about 40% of the valuable minerals from taking vitamins the traditional way? The rest passes through your digestive system and is wasted. IV therapy delivers a nourishing, vitamin-rich solution directly into your bloodstream where your cells can immediately take advantage of them. Vitamins that can help boost your immune system through IV therapy include Vitamin C, Zinc, B-Vitamins, and L-Glutathione.

Cleanse Toxins and Repair Immune Function

Vitamin-infused IV therapy also provides a key benefit in helping to cleanse your body from harmful free radicals that can restrict your immune system. The detoxifying properties of IV therapy are part of an effective wellness strategy to help fortify your body’s immune system function.

Replenish White Blood Cells and Strengthen Your Lymphatic System

The hydration of your bloodstream is vital to your body’s ability to transport immune cells and antibodies where they’re needed. When your body triggers an immune system response, more is required of your bloodstream to supply critical cells, and this is difficult when you’re dehydrated. Similarly, a dehydrated lymphatic system will struggle to send infection-fighting antibodies around your body. IV therapy helps keep you hydrated and supplied with the nutrients these systems need to function properly!

IV Therapy is a Non-Invasive Restorative Therapy

When your immune system needs a boost, WeHo Mobile Infusions is your IV therapy solution! We make hydration and the process of getting the beneficial nutrients you need easy, safe, and non-invasive. Simply schedule a telehealth appointment with Dr. Tara Chang and ask for a referral to WeHo Wellness!

Get the hydrating nutrients you need today with IV therapy services from WeHo Wellness in Los Angeles. We look forward to helping you maximize your immune system!

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